Jenna Weber

International Student Engagement Coordinator

   B.A. in English and Secondary Education, Clarke University (Dubuque, IA)
   M.A. in English, Iowa State University (Ames, IA)

   Brandon, Iowa

Favorite ISU memory or tradition:
   Exploring the campus with new friends!

Favorite motto:
   "We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated" -Maya Angelou

   Walking my dog, playing video games, skateboarding, and watching anime.

   I am a life-longer reader and I've always been interested in multicultural literature. Two authors I love are Gabriel García Márquez and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Fun facts about you:
   My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is California! I go about twice a year.

Favorite food:
   I love ramen and honestly any restaurant with good vegetarian options!

What I love most about my job:
   I love helping international students build a community/support system with one another at ISSO events and through our IFYE course!

What are you listening to?
   Taylor Swift almost all day every day. Besides her though, I also listen to classic rock and current rock artists like Greta Van Fleet and Rise Against.

What are you watching?
   I love sitcoms like New Girl, but I mostly watch anime. My favorites are Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen.