Deb Vance

Assistant Director
4532 Memorial Union

B.A., Theatre, University of Iowa
Certificate in International Management, University of Hawaii
MBA, Iowa State University

Hometown: Ames, IA

Favorite ISU memory or tradition: Don't step on the Zodiac!

Favorite Motto: The Golden Rule

Hobbies: Reading and watching great movies.

Favorite Food: Oh, too any to name...but coconut cream pie is up there!

What I love most about my job: Getting to know the best and brightest students and scholars from around the world.

I'm watching: Outlander.

Favorite destination:  The north woods and lakes of Minnesota.

I want to visit: The 19th Century. But until someone invents affordable time travel, Scotland and Ireland.

Advice for international students and scholars: Make as many opportunities as you can to share cultures and discover how much we all have in common as members of the human family. You may be the only chance your American colleagues and friends have to learn how wonderful your country and culture are.