Megan Van Heiden

Assistant Director
1010 Student Services Building

Education: I went to the University of Northern Iowa for my undergraduate degree in English. I originally thought I wanted to be an elementary teacher, but I did my classroom experience and quickly realized I wasn't cut out for it (shout out to all education majors!). I then changed to English and loved it. After graduating from UNI, I worked for a year at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and moved to Florida to pursue my Masters in Higher Education, Educational Leadership form the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Hometown: I am from a small town of Pleasantville, IA. I am so used to saying "a tiny town Southeast of Des Moines in the Carlisle area" so it is refreshing to not say that. Except I just did, so I guess that doesn't count...

Favorite ISU memory or tradition: I haven't been at ISU all that long, so I am still learning all of the traditions and making memories, but one moment that I loved being a part of was the pancake breakfast during Destination Iowa State. Pancakes were flying, people were dancing, the weather was beautiful. It was a day I was so happy to be a Cyclone.

Favorite Motto: "Weird is rad."

Hobbies: As I have gotten older, I have quickly realized that I need to develop more hobbies. I always get embarrassed with people ask this because really I just spend my time on my couch watching Netflix and perusing through Pinterest. Other than that, my hobbies include playing with my 3 year old English Bulldog Benny, taking pictures of Benny, and being on a beach (likely with Benny).

Interests: I have learning about anything new; conspiracy theories, legislation, history, recipes, leadership, women's issues, weird things in nature, you name it. Anytime I have the change to learn about something new, I get really into it and can't talk about anything else.

Favorite Food: Milkshakes. Does that count as food?

Fun Facts: I really am not that fun of a person; I just like to surround myself with fun people to give the appearance I am fun. Some interesting facts about me would be that I make a great dinosaur noise, I like to dip my popcorn in orange juice, and I type really aggressively.

What I love most about my job: The students. Absolutely, positively the students. I am so honored that I get to hear students' stories and experiences n a really vulnerable way and am positioned to connect students to resources that will help and support them. I am so fortunate to be in a role that I am able to serve as a support to students during a time that can be really challenging or difficult, and celebrate with them when they are achieving success. 

I'm listening to: I'm listening to the new Taylor Swift song because I can't decide if I absolutely love it or just can't stand it.

I'm watching: What am I NOT watching? Bloodline. Big Brother. Bachelor. Scandal. Grey's Anatomy. How to Get Away with Murder. The Fosters. This is Us. American Crime. Any Lifetime movie.