Kipp Van Dyke

Associate Dean of Students for Student Assistance and Academic Success
1010 Student Services Building

B.S., Family Services, Iowa State University
M.S., Community Counseling, Minnesota State- Mankato

Hometown: La Porte City, IA 

Favorite ISU memory or tradition: There are so many memories and experiences at ISU that resonate positively for me from my days as a student and now as a staff member. 

Favorite Motto: "Make all your consequences good ones." 

Hobbies: Garage sales, magic (i.e.. magician, not "the gathering"), collecting Iowa State memorabilia, roasting

Interests: Connecting and finding commonality with people, going down random rabbit holes learning about obscure things, learning random new skills 

Fun Facts: I wrote a book for college freshmen and named an ice cream at the ISU Creamery

Favorite Food: BBQ food (Love Hickory Park) and Great Plains Pizza! 

What I love most about my job: I love the opportunity to help support students and support others that do that work at Iowa State.  I also love working on a beautiful campus  

I'm listening to: Stand-up comedy, classic rock music, or Freakonomics podcasts

I'm watching: documentaries, Saturday Night Live clips, or movies