Patty Novak

Hixson-Lied Student Success Center

Education: Attended SUNY Broome

Hometown: Endicott, NY

Interests: Current events, reading, quilting, gardening, spending time with family and organizing!  

Favorite Food: Salmon, NY style pizza, and spiedies (a local favorite from my home town in NY). 

Fun Facts: I grew up in New York and after marrying I have lived in Illinois, Maryland, New York, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma and have called Ames home for the last 18 years. 

What I love most about my job: I love working with the ASC professional staff, graduate assistants and undergrad student workers! We provide a wonderful service to the campus and seeing their passion to help students succeed is invigorating! 

I'm listening to: Lord Huron, NPR, relaxing music. 

I'm watching: Russian Doll, Mindhunter, Glow, or anything on Netflix.