Jacki Mobley

2080 Student Services Building

Education: A.A.S. in Administrative Assistant from Kirkwood College

Hometown: Barnes City, Iowa (pop. 50)

Favorite ISU memory or tradition: Watching all the little critters scurry around campus. 

Favorite motto: You're as happy as you want to be! 

Hobbies: Walking, biking, reading, playing cards, swimming 

Interests: I love traveling and sightseeing especially historical sites.  

Fun Fact: I was the 2nd tallest person in 5th grade and 2nd shortest in 12th grade.  

Favorite food: Frosted sugar cookies from Jaarsma Bakery in Pella

What I love most about my job: The staff and students--everyone has such great positive energy!

I'm listening to: I enjoy all types of music. My favorite artists include Prince, Sting and George Michael. 

I'm watching: The Crown, The Office and Ozark