Krista McCallum Beatty

McCallum BeattyKrista
3242 Memorial Union
Additional Information: 

Favorite ISU memory or tradition: 
I'm too new to have any! 

Favorite motto: 
Life is short, eat dessert first! 

Walking/biking - just about anything outside especially if it involves my family. Reading. Watching movies. 

International travel 

BA from the University of Minnesota 
MA from the School for International Training 
PhD form Ohio University 

Fun facts about you: 
I've travelled on six of the seven continents and to at least 25 different countries. 
I've been vegetarian for most of my adult life. 

Ortonville, MN 

Favorite food: 
Anything CHOCOLATE!! 

What I love most about my job: 
The amazing international students and scholars at Iowa State and my great colleagues. 

What are you listening to? 
Kidz Bop (did I mention I have a nine year old?) 

What are you watching? 
I am an NCIS junkie. Gibbs Rules rule!