Josie Irwin

Student Accessibility Coordinator

   Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in Learning Technologies from ISU!

   Boone, IA


Everything plants, going on hikes with my husband and dog (I have a big Labrador!), long bike rides on Iowa trails, spending time with family, and playing video games with online friends.

Fun facts about you:
   I worked in a greenhouse/floral shop for over eight years!
   I used to teach 6th grade (all subjects!!).

Favorite food:
   Beijing Beef with Potstickers or Crab Rangoon!

What I love most about my job:
   Helping students succeed in higher education so they can follow their dreams and change how people look at accommodations!

What are you listening to?
   The Lumineers, for sure! I love bands that are a little different and dabble into folk/pop/indie music; it is very relaxing.