Jennifer Gentile

1010 Student Services Building

Hometown: Ohio, Illinois 

Favorite Motto: Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans. 

Interests: I teach yoga, travel whenever I can, I am learning to knit, I am trying to move toward a more plant-based diet and growing more things in my garden. 

Fun Fact: People are always surprised to learn that my favorite music is hard rock and metal. 

Favorite Food: I love all food, but Italian and sushi are two of my favorites. 

What I love about my job: I absolutely love the team that I help support. Our office deals with a lot of difficult issues, from students in crisis to worried parents to upset community members. My coworkers cope with these issues by lifting each other up. This kind of support allows us to be fully present with the individuals we serve. 

I am listening to: Shinedown, The HU, Ghost, Stone Sour, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, and John Lennon are among my favorites. 

I am watching: I don't really watch TV, but we've been bingeing on all things Marvel, and classic Fred Astaire movies.