Karina Buttler

0355 Memorial Union


B.S., Public Service and Administration, Iowa State University


Harcourt, IA

Favorite ISU memory or tradition:

My favorite memory was being able to play the carillon when I was an undergraduate. I love the story behind the campanile and the bells- being able to be inside and play was truly amazing. 

Favorite Motto:

"Go where you are celebrated- not where you are tolerated."


I love to cook and bake. Reading and playing the piano calm me. Kayaking and spending time on the water brings me peace. I also enjoy keeping up with my 6 year old and all his activities!


I love learning about people and places. I am constantly trying to spend time going to museums and reading to expand my knowledge. I enjoy crocheting and cross stitching if I have any free time (with a 6 year old it is never much!)

Favorite Food:

I love salads and sushi! On, and ice cream!

Fun Facts:

I loved in Denmark and am semi-fluent in Danish...this also leads to an 'accent' on some words I say! Christmas is my favorite holiday, bot not becuase if receiving gifts. i LOVE to take care of other people and do what I can to make them happy- be it a Christmas card, baked good or small gift, I love seeing the look of glee on somone else's face! It is also a time where, in general, we are a happier collective.

What I love most about my job:

I love being able to have time to get to know the students. Many of them call me mom becuase I truly love to care for and make sure they are whole, well, and happy.

I'm listening to:

The Hamilton soundtrack

I'm watching:

Last movie was Moana. I am working my way through the series Reign on Netflix.