Are you planning a demonstration or protest on university property? This resource is to help you plan safe events aligned with university policy and community expections. 

Iowa State University embraces the sharing of knowledge and ideas through public discourse and free speech. As part of this community devoted to learning and committed to our Principles of Community, ISU students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to engage in respectful dialogue and forms of expression. Protests, rallies, etc. are one way to share your message, promote, discussion and use your voice to advocate for the issue affecting you.

Answering the questions below will generate a guide for you to use when planning your event. Please use this guide as you plan your event to ensure your message can be communicated effectively, in accordance with University policies. 

Health and Safety Guidelines for Student Organizations

Any member of the university community or the public may use unrestricted outdoor areas for non-commercial expressive activities (i.e. free speech) on a first come, first served basis without giving prior notice if additional criteria are met. The agora/agorae areas west and south of the HUB and immediately south of the Campanile in the grasssy area are often used for such activities. Plan a non-commercial expressive activity.

If more than 50 participants are present, or if one or more of the following is true, the activity will be considered a Public Event. Plan a Public Event.