Academic Success in Math and Science Courses

Its true...some students struggle with math or science courses. If you want to be one of the many who succeed, try these resources! Please contact the Academic Success Center to meet with an Academic Consultant if you believe we can help you develop your ability to succeed in math and science courses!

Help Rooms: There are many places on campus that offer support or resoruces for math and science courses. Be sure to check out this list of help rooms.

Supplemental Instruction: Many of the courses targeted by the SI program are math or science. Try SI!

Math and Science Success: Math and science subjects for which you must engage in your active thinking. This handout outlines general strategies for success.

How to Pass Calculus: Information created by Dr. Eric Weber, Iowa State University. These suggestions are transferrable to most math courses or instructors.

10 Steps for Completing Math Homework: Use this handout to learn how to learn math.

Test Taking Errors: Do you struggle when you get to the tests? This handout identifies the common errors made by students. Recognizing these errors will help you develop strategies to prevent repeating these errors on future tests.

Tips on How to Study Mathematics: Surprise! Successful math students do more than just practice problems. Check out the suggestions in this handout for a process designed to help you learn new math concepts.

How to Use a Solutions Manual: Many textbooks provide solutions as "answers in the back" or as separate manuals. Good use of a solutions manual will lead to improved, long-lasting learning.

Success in...The following documents highlight tips for success in specific or related courses. Students committed to learning will find many possible paths to success. No path is perfectly error free, but the these tips should help you on your path.